How much can a phlebotomist earn?

Like with any other profession, people will wish to know “how much can a phlebotomist earn?” Find out how much a phlebotomist make on a yearly basis in the United States.

how much can a phlebotomist earnLike with any other profession, people will wish to know “how much can a phlebotomist earn?” This is a major aspect of evaluation for people who wish to be involved in the medical field at this level. Of course the kind of training that someone has will determine in a great way the kind of salary earned. If you should possess other skills in the medical field, you will normally get a higher income. However, those whose only experience lies in the field of phlebotomy will usually get a pay of around $7 per hour. Those who get more earn an average of $10 for every hour worked.

How much can a phlebotomist earn acording to

According to, the median salary expected for these professionals is $30,247. There are a number of factors that will affect the phlebotomist salary. The first of these of course is the amount of experience that an individual has. Those who have worked for longer durations will usually earn more than those who are considered new in the field. Someone who has worked for ten years in the field can usually make up to $16 for every hour worked, $6 more than the person who is one year old being a phlebotomist.

Factors influencing a phlebotomist salary

Phlebotomist salary is also affected by the academic qualification that one has. Normally, people require a diploma to be employed in this field. Some people go ahead to earn degrees and of course such individuals will earn even more. Such people are normally not just limited to the roles of phlebotomy. On the contrary, they can hold ranks like medical assistants or laboratory assistants.

Phlebotomist salary is also influenced by the place where one chooses to work. Those who work in hospitals will make more as compared to those who practise in the offices of physicians. Government agencies as well as organizations not working for profit like research institutions will usually pay their employees better.

Aside from knowing “how much can a phlebotomist earn?” one definitely would wish to know the working hours of these professionals. For the phlebotomy salary mentioned above, one pretty much can expect to work regular hours. However, those who work in blood banks are usually called upon to work more hours with blood drives.

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