How to become a successful Phlebotomist by following some simple steps

There are different Phlebotomy programs which will provide you with extensive training in the knowledge and skills required to be a successful phlebotomist!

become a phlebotomistPhlebotomist is the work that is done in medical laboratories and consists of drawing blood from the veins of the patient and further processing that blood for further testing and diagnosis. Phlebotomists are considered the basic units in any country’s healthcare facilities as they do all the basic work from keeping the overall condition of the hospital or the particular institute stable to drawing blood from victims’ and patients’ veins. This work is strenuous than it seems as it includes handling patients who cannot withstand blood and always scream, faint or cry even at the sight of their own blood. Often considered vital for medical research and diagnosis, phlebotomists are the key to medical and the secret to becoming a phlebotomist is following closely some few steps that are mentioned here.

Few stepst to become a phlebotomist

  • The first point must tell what is so much important about being a Phlebotomist and that is phlebotomists are typically considered the face of the lab and thus from  ER, to OT to trauma rooms, to accident patients, phlebotomists are needed everywhere. They are the face of any laboratory and diagnostic centers.
  • Become a Phlebotomist by enrolling for a phlebotomist course present almost everywhere and after graduating (which takes almost a year) one can get a job anywhere in any diagnostic center or institute anywhere all over the world. A certificate course, formal training and clinical laboratory training are important for anyone who wants to become a Phlebotomist and in addition to that one must be a team worker, able to work under pressure, able to withstand blood and must also be friendly.
  • All of the above skills are necessary and in addition to that one must be a people’s worker, compassionate and must be talented enough to ensure that his/her patients do not feel even the slightest pinch from puncturing the vein or artery. Mainly performing effective puncturing of veins and capillaries and effective storage of specimens are the two major jobs faced by every phlebotomist, so in order to become a Phlebotomist one must master the above two procedures.
  • Phlebotomists with good communication skills are preferred as they need to communicate with patients to ease their problems. Moreover, everyone especially those having phobias with needles would appreciate a gentle and soft touch. Therefore to become a Phlebotomist is not an easy task at all. Having analytical skill is also an important feature of the Phlebotomist as he/she should be able to tell the results by deciphering them as well as be commanding and give particular directions to your patients to sit, lie down, breathe and a variety of other commands.
  • As discussed before, being a Phlebotomist is not as easy as it sounds; one must be highly qualified to do this job. One must do a full course on Phlebotomy and that person may be a normal person looking for learning Phlebotomy or he/she might be a nurse adding to his/her resumes the Phlebotomy degree. After passing the degree, one must do intensive training to get a proper on hand experience about the subject at a good clinical diagnosis center for at least a year or so. Basically one has to learn about the entire human circulatory system and the composition of blood coupled with patient care and also different techniques to be applied for different cases.

After learning the phlebotomy course one will be able to

  • Draw blood from babies as well as adults.
  • Define Phlebotomy and also can describe adult venipuncture as well as infant venipuncture.
  • Describe a fingerstick.
  • After learning the course one will be able to-
  • Do as well as describe special blood tests on infants and children.
  • Infection Control.
  • Describe different and special kind of blood tests.

However in most cases a phlebotomist also does many different jobs like the following

  • Verifies patient by reading patient ID and adhering to the hospital standards.
  • Brings any unwanted news and discrepancies to the unit personnel.
  • Administering drug dosage to patients properly from time to time.
  • Unusual test orders are resolved by contacting the pathological experts and other professionals time to time.
  • Enhances the reputation of the phlebotomist department of the hospital by doing good work all over the year.
  • Utilizing resources and laboratory specimens for proper conduction of tests so that every specimen is diagnosed and some results are withdrawn.
  • However in most cases a phlebotomist also does many different jobs like the following-

Become a Phlebotomist – Conlsusion

Although the tasks of a Phlebotomist may seem limited and short, one must remember Gandhi’s quote, “No work is small” as a Phlebotomist is considered the building blocks of a medical facility.To conclude it can be said that to become a Phlebotomist is not an easy job to do as it requires graduating in that course and also training in some clinic rigorously for at least one year to get some experience.

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