Phlebotomy certification

Phlebotomist certification is awarded to only those graduated and medically licensed phlebotomists

Phlebotomy CertificationThere are a few  requirements in order to obtain your Phlebotomy Certification.  The phlebotomy practise is associated with collecting of blood samples. It is basically an ancient medical practise. The experts who are in this practise are known as Phlebotomists who have a Phlebotomist certification.

The reason for extracting the blood which is not only from the humans but also from the animals is for some medical tests and observations which are directly related to diagnosis, and sometimes transfusion and also donations.

Before delving into the matter regarding the phlebotomy course study and phlebotomy certification, let’s see bit more on why this medical practise is still in demand  and what are the other concerns one has to abide by while undergoing phlebotomy. However, in this outpatient procedure, which is basically very safe, almost half litre blood is extracted, but not letting the source go harmed. A substitute is injected back to the body, which is normally saline water. It is again known as volume replacement.

Now there is a need for everything under the sun. There is a need for blood donation too, which is this very responsible act that we are talking about. Phlebotomy is necessary. Many a times we have come across advertisements made air to donate blood and feel good – why : one scientific and one ethical. The cells that make blood in our body are the RBC’s, which accepts the oxygen form the lungs and distributes it all over the body. Sometimes enough of oxygen doesnot enter the blood, and the body then boosts production of RBCs which then comes up to compensate, and in the mean time the blood becomes thicker making the person feel very uncomfortable like fatigue, dizzy, head-ache, blur and sometimes also double vision. In such cases donation is a must.The attack can be severe and can also make one feel numb. In this condition, it is best to consult a physician, who if can diagnose well, advises for phlebotomy.

Now with some brief explanation of the practise, let’s travel in understanding the course and know the facts like phlebotomy certification, certified phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy certification – facts

-       A practise of certified phlebotomist is one where the physician knows very well when phlebotomy is favourable. There are few symptoms which are hindrances in the act, like if any one suffering from Iron deficiency, or when one suffers form dehydration, since this is also the time when the blood count may be high but abnormally thick, which actually cannot be drawn out and collected. Both these cases have to be rectified first then the vein puncture.

-       Certified phlebotomist knows very well that this vein puncture can also bit complex, where if precautions are not taken or the practitioner is not well versed with the knowledge can in turn cause iron deficiency also, which is all the more worst since it is treacherous leading to heart attacks.

-       Phlebotomist certification is awarded to only those graduated and medically licensed phlebotomists who are well qualified and practically skied to draw the blood out of the veins, be it form humans or also form the animals, for whatever cause it might be. This whole course is basically a certification course, which includes ceret5ain hours of practical study. There are theoretical studies too and most are on case studies. The programs are normally online. There are numerous apparatus which helps in extracting blood or also how to inject the syringe.

-       Phlebotomist certification also teaches the skill of accumulating minute quantity of blood and the apparatus used are finger sticks. Did you know in grave circumstances blood can also be collected from infants? In countries like Australia and UK the training to be a phlebotomist is rendered while in the job too.  It can be for the dispensary people or any nurse who are mostly responsible in pushing injections. Since the whole matter is a short term course and that too a practical lesson.

Phlebotomy certification USA

-       In USA however the Phlebotomist certification is offered on completion, of the course and the practical studies undertaken by American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians.  To fruitfully make a grade and avail a licence for the examination for the want of being Certified phlebotomist one has to complete and successfully understand the practical classes which might be just hand full of hours. The main factor of the pushing of the syringe is undertaken under the keen eyes of a cardiologist and trained nurse – things are preferred if both belong to phlebotomy lab. The procedure of taking the blood out of the vain of the patient is something like this : Two intra-venous needles are required, and in ,most cases they are pushed in two arms. One  is pushed into the nerve of one arm which lets the saline water in and simultaneously there is another nerve which is pushed in the other hand to extract blood. Both the acts go simultaneously – though the quantity of the blood extracted is resolute by a cardiologist. The whole process takes around 30 minutes, and once finished the patient is left only after he / she feels well.

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