Phlebotomy interview tips to get the job

With many people aspiring to become professional phlebotomists, the need to secure a job under this specialty is becoming too competitive.

Phlebotomy interviewThe reason why most of these people are training to become phlebotomists is because it takes lesser time to train and get approved. Nevertheless although many people train for this job, getting through an interview and being employed at reputable health institutions like the Red Cross is still a nightmare to many. If you have been invited for an interview and are unsure of whether you will pass or not, here are a few tips to help you out.

Phlebotomy interview – tips

First and foremost, a phlebotomy interview does not only entail drawing blood from an animal or even a patient question. You need to understand how you can handle patients when drawing blood from them. This is important especially when drawing blood from willing donors. Most people do not like the sight of needles, and needs to be comforted when drawing blood from them. During an interview, the interviewers may ask you to demonstrate how you would draw blood from a patient or an animal. Although you might not be doing it practically during the interview, you should focus on the key points only, and explain all the procedures as required during a procedure. You should not at any point show divided attention when drawing blood, and also explain to the interviewers why this is necessary.

Preparing for a phlebotomy interview

If you are already equipped with this information and are ready to take on the phlebotomy interview, you should then put all your papers in place. This includes all certificates whether related to health or not, working experience in social places where you have shown care to other people and also dealt with them. Some people withhold information especially if they are certified veterinary officers though seeking an employment in a hospital. Having these credentials will help boost the CV, and increase your chances of getting picked. It is highly recommended that you bring about all certificates related to phlebotomy as proof that you are well trained and excelled in the field.

Phlebotomy interview : show your passion

The other way to woo interviewers and convincing them is by explaining to them why you chose phlebotomy over other jobs. Most people show interest in this field while in junior or high school, and then decide to follow their dream. Having the interviewers understand your passion for the job will earn a few more points too.

Understanding clinical skills is an important factor in phlebotomy. This includes how you handle clients; how you speak to them and the influence you have on them. Any person who deals with drawing blood from patients should be soft, understanding and alert at all times. Having the interviewers understand why a good personality is important in this field will also earn you more points, and this can land you into our dream job easily.

The last point to consider when preparing for a phlebotomy interview is the need to prepare for anything. You can expect questions from the health field as well as other fields such as the information Technology field and the rest, though interrelated to drawing blood. This means you will need to prepare well, and focus on remaining calm all through the interview process.

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